Friday, February 15, 2013

Ham Radio Live On Internet TV


The hobby of Amateur Radio has finally met its match! Ham Nation is the latest offering from Leo LaPorte's Twit TV, an internet video provider located in Northern California.

Gordon West WB6NOA Broadcasts From His Home Studio

Each week, Gordon West WB6NOA, Bob Heil (creator of the famous Heil microphone series), Leo LaPorte, George Thomas and others report on the latest news in amateur radio, demonstrate the latest radio gear, review new products, discuss the importance of ham radio operators in time of disasters, and show recent videos submitted by viewers and fellow hams. My favorite segment is "Smoke & Solder" with George Thomas, where you'll learn how to assemble kits, repair your own radio gear, and even build a long-wire HF dipole antenna from scratch. I love this show!

Watch "Ham Nation" every week right on your favorite computer or smart phone every Wednesday at 6:00 PM PST (9:00 PM EST) at  Did you miss the show? No worries! There's a whole list of TV podcasts to choose from going back through last year!

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