Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Newly Licensed? Here's Help!


Get a good start in ham radio with some of Gordon West's favorite Southern California repeater and simplex radio frequencies for the most popular VHF & UHF amateur radio bands.  The lists below are configured for the popular Baofeng & Wouxun Chinese-made VHF-UHF dual-band portables, but you can input these frequencies into virtually any amateur radio, mobile or portable, manually or using a computer and programming software.  But if  programming your new radio with a computer is new to you, please feel free to email me. The top two lists below were designed especially for hams who are boaters and would like to monitor the marine channels along with the most popular Southern California repeater frequencies. The bottom two lists include MURS, FRS, and GMRS channels. Click on the links below to view/download the frequency list of your choice. 

MARINE CHANNELS NOTE -- When you look at the frequency lists that contain the U.S. Coast Guard Marine Channels, you will notice something interesting: They are matched up with memory locations of the same number.  In other words, after turning on your radio, if you press "016," you will be taken to Marine Channel 16. Pressing "022" takes you to Channel 22, and so on. Special thanks to Tony Ashlin KI6DZV for this great programming idea!

BAOFENG PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE -- If you're a fan of Dan Smith's unique CHIRP Software for the computer programming of the inexpensive 128-channel Baofeng UV-5R dual-band radio, you will need the following image files The first link below will take you to Dan Smith's "CHIRP Download" webpage. CHIRP is available for all versions of Windows, as well as Linux and the popular Ubuntu operating systems.

WOUXUN PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE -- If you're a fan of Dan Smith's unique CHIRP Software for the computer programming of the inexpensive 199-channel Wouxun KG-UV6D/X dual-band radio, you will need the following image files The first link below will take you to Dan Smith's "CHIRP Download" webpage. CHIRP is available for all versions of Windows, as well as Linux and the popular Ubuntu operating systems. The second link is an Adobe PFD file of Gordo's exclusive frequency list. The last link is the CHIRP file you will upload to your radio.


Bob Nagy in his video (see the Baofeng post below) tells how difficult it is to program these Chinese handhelds via the front keypad.  I can also tell you, that my attempts to program the Baofeng or Wouxun radios with the free downloadable Chinese PC software was equally disastrous. But, there is a solution -- RT Systems to the rescue!

I was so please recently to discover that RT Systems has entered the field by providing USB programming cables and Windows-based software for the most popular Chinese handheld and mobile radios, such as the Baofeng UV-5R.  As a ham radio operator, I have appreciated the intuitive RT Systems software for programming my HF rigs and Yaesu handhelds for years.  Not to go into great detail, but if you have ever been challenged by not being able to move memory channels up or down or had the “CSV Import-Export” dilemma drive you batty, you will love the ease and convenience of RT Systems software!  BTW, the USB cables and software are VERY affordable, too.  To see how easy programming your rig can be, visit www.rtsystemsinc.com.

Special thanks to Gordon West WB6NOA and Tony Ashlin KI6DZV for helping me in organizing the frequency lists and image files for this post. Bravo Zulu guys! Need more help? Email me your questions at w6aux@arrl.net.


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